Our mission is to make Waterbeach connected, safe and enjoyable for all types of cyclist and users of non-motorised transport*

Our activities focus on five key areas:

  • Improving routes to Cambridge: This includes a safer river route, a segregated A10 route, and the realization of the proposed Greenways projects. 
  • Improving routes around the village: This includes safer access to the school and train station from all areas of our community.
  • Improving routes to adjacent villages: This includes safer and continuous access to villages such as Landbeach, Cottenham and Chittering. We also support the efforts of Horningsea residents to improve cycle infrastructure between their village and ours.
  • Enabling the continuity of route 11: This includes working towards extending route 11 from its current termination at Clayhithe bridge, towards Lode and northwards to Wicken Fen.
  • Encouraging cycling to, from and within the proposed "new town": This includes working with the planning authorities to ensure that the new town is well equipped for cycling and builds upon Cambridge's reputation as the cycling capital of the UK.
*Our definition of non-motorised transport is inclusive. It encompasses pedestrians, mobility scooters (yes - aware that they do have motors..), horse riders and the various devices that children use to get from A to B.