Tuesday 24 April 2018

Villager Profile: Zoe

As part of our campaign we are engaging with bike riders of all kinds to gauge their opinion on cycling to, from and within Waterbeach. This week we are hearing from Zoe.

Q1: Who are you and whereabouts do you live?

Hello, I’m Zoe. I’ve lived on Station Road in the village for a year now, and before this I lived in Cambridge for 4 years. 

Q2: How often are you on out on your bike?

Every day – I commute to work in Addenbrooke’s hospital during the week, and on the weekends I might cycle in to Cambridge to meet friends or bring my bike on the train. I usually use the river route 2/3 days a week, and go down the A10 route via Milton the other days. Lately I’ve been going on the road via Horningsea in the mornings. Not ideal by any means but it’s significantly quicker! 

Q3: What appeals to you about cycling?

The main thing I love about cycling is the freedom it gives me, and in Cambridge it’s usually quicker than driving or getting the train. 

Q4: How would you like to see cycling infrastructure improved?

I think the route along the A10 really needs to be improved. It’s so narrow that two bikes can barely pass each other, and in the dark evenings the lights of oncoming traffic are blinding. It’s also right beside the road – it genuinely feels like passing cars and trucks are going to hit you, or if you hit a pothole you could easily go off the path straight into the oncoming traffic.

I love the river route, but it can be a bit intimidating in the dark. It’s also quite narrow in places and busy with runners/walkers/rowing coaches. It’s a really lovely path and I appreciate it a lot, but it’s not ideal for commuting. A dedicated path for commuters would be fantastic and I think a lot of people in Waterbeach would use it.

Q5: What are your views on the proposed “New town” and its potential impact on you as a cyclist within the existing village?

In general I don’t have any major objections to the new town. I think it will bring a lot of amenities that the area needs – leisure centre, shops, new schools etc. However, I worry that it will bring a lot of extra traffic to the village. This won’t just affect me as a cyclist, but it will affect all village residents – pedestrians, children cycling to school, etc.